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Gordon Halliday, Director

Halliday Lighting are Sports Lighting specialists who have been providing lighting solutions for sports clubs for 55 years. As their business grew Halliday’s were looking for a business management system to manage their client portfolio, project plan and manage supplier orders. They needed a system which would fully integrate with their finance system and which would allow them to work remotely.  One of our first BMS clients, we have recently completed a 2nd phase of development for Hallidays.


“They are first to market with new technology and have the unrivalled ability to design a bespoke business management system to suit our everyday operational requirements. Customer service is the core value of their business and I have experienced this at every stage of the way.”

Gordon Halliday, Director

"Incredibly simple"

Jamie Munro, Sales Manager

Pentland Medical Ltd is a UK-based medical supplies company who found the CRM software they were using to run their business overly complex. Fed up paying for features they didn’t need and costly upgrades to the software, they were looking for a client management system which simple and easy to use.


“Worx24 has provided us with the system we need to run our business. Incredibly simple to use, we can now easily manage the contact details of our clients. The affordable system allows us to link all the relevant emails, notes and to do lists to our contacts, providing us with a snapshot at any time of all relevant client information. Using Worx24 we feel we can really move our business forward.”

Jamie Munro, Sales Manager

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